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Hejduksport Visors 

Ice hockey visors from Hejduk Sport company became very popular in the Czech republic as well as throughout the hockey Europe. Since the last year Hejduksport brand also reach Northern America market.

Reason of its increasing popularity is affordable price and excellent optical features. Our offer of the faceshields is devided into three main categories. Flat visors, Convex visors, Convex visors - Pro line. Pro line category is high end product with antiscratch and antifog foil.

Cages Bosport

Cages Bosport for players or goalmans are universal ice hockey faceshiels, which are simply compatible with all modern ice hockey helmets.

Cages are offered in three sizes: Boy, Junior, Senior and three basic colours: chrom, white, black

Uniplexi Bosport 

Uniplexi faceshield is cage with Pro Line visor. Uniplexi offers to you a great view and a high protection of the whole face.

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